Grand Jury Recommendations

In the  report titled SAN DIEGO CITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT: PROFESSIONALS IN A MAZE, the Grand Jury examines six development projects, including Kensington Terrace.  Starting with the premise, "There is considerable lack of clarity and excessive latitude in the application of the City’s ordinances in approving development projects", the Grand Jury has this to say about the Kensington Terrace Case Study:

"These case studies indicate that MNDs are sometimes inaccurate and that perhaps they are used too often when EIRs would be more appropriate. Externally generated codes and restrictions such as FEMA regulations have not always been understood or enforced by the DSD. It was also observed at several City Council meetings that the DSD staff present could not answer the questions from members of the Council. In several of these cases we found evidence that people with vested interests persistently interfered with and badgered city personnel involved in the planning and approval processes to get various changes made in community plans and regulations."

The Grand Jury had specific recommendations related to Kensington Terrace:


 08-32: Ensure that MNDs are complete and accurate and contain full disclosures.

 08-33: Demand complete and accurate EIRs and MNDs with full disclosures.

 08-34: Insist on firm, clear answers to their questions at the time they are asked or at the next City Council meeting